Vol 10 No SI (2022)
Special Issue: Care & The Future of Learning

This special issue entitled Care & The Future of Learning and edited by Prof Mary Zournazi responds to historical conditions that have been influenced by the Covid 19 pandemic and its prolonged effects. This issue is loosely divided into three sequences or parts that engage with themes and responses to care and the future learning and consists in total of seven peer-reviewed papers, one invited contribution and one reflective piece. The sequence of papers reflects the concerns around labour, teaching and knowledge transmission in the classroom and curriculum as well as ways to rethink and reflect on our creative and engaged practices. The first section on ‘Radical pedagogy and care’ deals with issues of radical pedagogies, transformation, and different responsibilities toward care. The second part ‘Creativity and care in the classroom’ works concurrently with ideas of creativity, pedagogy, new forms of labour and space, neurodiversity, and the care for learning. The final section on ‘Technologies, cognition and the future’ explores different approaches to the role of learning and cognition, technology, and a future of learning; and as an afterword and reflection, there is a consideration of the consequences of social and political violence, the lack of care in educational contexts and the need for different approaches to justice.