Pedagogies in Context: A selection of papers from the HELTASA 2019 Conference
Editorial Kirstin Wilmot, Lynn Quinn, Jo-Anne Vorster Editorial pdf mp4 Special issue Cecilia Jacobs Contextually responsive and knowledge-focused teaching: disrupting the notion of ‘best practices’ pdf   Rieta Ganas, Kasturi Behari-Leak, Nalini Chitanand, Siya Sabata The Pedagogies for critical agency: Portals to alternative futures pdf   Muhammad Nakhooda, Moragh Isobel Jane Paxton A translanguage pedagogy to promote Biotechnology concept engagement and academic literacy in a linguistically diverse university context pdf   Shalini Dukhan Students' prior knowledge and threshold concepts in a first-year biology course: The lecturer as middleman pdf   Ilse Fouche, Laura Dison, Grant Andrews, Maria Prozesky Pedagogical and decolonial affordances of group portfolio assessments for learning in South African universities pdf   Clint Abrahams, Hermie Delport, Rudolf Perold, James Brown, Anna Weber Being-in-context through live projects: including situated knowledge in community engagement projects pdf mp4   Prof Rubby Dunpath , Prof Hesta Friedrich-Nel, Dr Lynn Biggs, Dr Hanlie Dippenaar , Dr Deidre Joubert , Prof Ian Nell , Prof Jacqueline Yeats Unveiling the professional attributes of university teachers pdf   Daniela Gachago, Barbara Jones, Emmanuel Ekale Esambe, Sonwabo Jongile, Eunice Ivala Engaging knowledge and the knower: Design considerations for emerging modes of academic staff development pdf