Call for contributions to the special issue: Methodological insights from research on teaching and learning: COVID 19 and beyond

In this special issue of the CriSTaL journal, we will be reflecting on ‘the principles which underlie the production and utilization of knowledge’, that is methodology (Mouton 1990:3)[1], together with related strategies and techniques as they relate to conducting research focused on teaching and learning in higher education.  As such, manuscripts that focus on the full range of research processes: conceptual, technical, empirical, epistemological and ontological dimensions, will be prioritised.  Moreover, the special issue is intended to have relevance for research, teaching and learning in the African continent, and regions facing similar challenges elsewhere in the world.

Manuscripts addressing one or more of the following themes will be considered for the special issue:

  • Methodology-in-context, specifically periods of social disruption
  • Undertaking research for cognitive and social justice agendas in the higher education sector
  • Theoretical underpinnings of higher education research methodology
  • Planning and designing research projects during periods of social disruption, e.g. COVID-19
  • Appropriate methodology, including qualitative and quantitative empirical insights
  • Data collection innovations, including use of technology and other resources to enable fieldwork organisation, preparation and implementation
  • Description and justification of data analysis methods and processes
  • Report-writing and dissemination for maximum impact and action, including engagement with students, policymakers, and the academic community at large


Contributions that are critical, well-researched and address challenging problems and issues from theoretical, practice-based or analytical perspectives are welcomed, as well as contributions that focus on innovative and reflective approaches to conducting research during periods of social disruption. Ultimately, the contributions are intended to enhance understandings of education theory, new ‘knowledges’ and practice, with a focus on contemporary challenges, including curriculum decolonisation and the quest for cognitive and social justice.  



  • 14 December 2020: First call for papers
  • 4 January 2021: Second call for papers
  • 20 April 2021: Deadline for full paper submissions
  • 21 July 2021: Review process complete
  • 16 November 2021: Revised manuscripts submitted
  • 4 January 2022: Special issue submitted for copyediting
  • March 2022: Publication of special issue


Any queries related to the special issue can be directed to the guest editors.

Please use the Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning author guidelines and ensure that the manuscript addresses the aims and scope of CriSTaL. Submit your manuscript on the CriSTaL website by 1 April 2020.


[1] Mouton, J. and Marais, H.C. 1990. Basic Concepts in the methodology of the social sciences. Pretoria: HSRC.